Name :   Johnny Naton
City/State :   Pierpont, Ohio
Comments :   Thank you Chilly Billy and cast for filling my Saturday nights with thrills and happiness. Id give anything to see you all on screen one more time! God bless and keep you all!
Name :   Paul Sharp
City/State :   Lawrence, KS
Comments :   Hello Bill, I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio watching Chiller Theater. Your the greatest.
Name :   Robert Lorigan
City/State :   Kittanning Pa.
Comments :   Ohhh the hours we spent watching Chilly. What memories, sleepovers, sneaking around and a cemetary almost next door.
Name :   Rich
City/State :   Honolulu Hawaii
Comments :   This show was the best there was or ever will be! Grew up in the MonValley. Thank you for everything. Go to the web site alot. Thank you!!
Name :   Rich
City/State :   Honolulu Hawaii
Comments :   You guys were and are awesome. Grew up in MonValley watched show every week. I go to website alot. No other show compares. Thanks for everything!!
Name :   Bob Guillory
City/State :   Kansas City, Mo
Comments :   I remember watching Chiller Theater back in the early 1970s when I was a kid...scary stuff for a 9 year old! Thanks Bill! Excellent Website!
Name :   John Wroblewski
City/State :   Harrisville PA
Comments :   We watched your show every saterday night.I wish they would show some reruns
Name :   Michael Brown
City/State :   La Crosse, Wisconsin
Comments :   I was telling my daughter about watching Chiller Theater as a kid living near Pittsburgh. Thanks for the memories and the website to share with my kids.
Name :   Laura Stodolsky Gilbert
City/State :   NC
Comments :   Watching Chilly Billy was the highlight of my week as a kid! I grew up in the 60s and 70s and watched it regularly. We always looked forward to seeing Chilly Billy and watching the movies that scared us half to death!
Name :   Robert Miller Jr.
City/State :   Garrett, PA
Comments :   Still miss Chiller Theater after all these years!! Am now 56 years old and still can remember seeing the show in black and white. God bless you for those magical moments!!
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