Name :   ED ELLIS
City/State :   RICHMOND,VA
Name :   Jim Hart
City/State :   Chicago, IL
Comments :   Talk about a walk down memory lane! As a kid I used to stay up past my bedtime to watch Chiller Theater. What a great part of Pittsburgh history. Going through the movie listings brought back a rush of great memories of the first time I saw many classic f
Name :
City/State :   northern cambria pennsylvania
Comments :   you need to bring back chiller theather. watched it all the time when i was a kid growing up in the 80s. was an execellent show.
Name :   David
City/State :   Columbus/Ohio
Comments :   Hey Bill, I was born on the hill and went to Fineview. I met you once working security at Pace Warehouse. Good to see you still kicking it!!
Name :   Chet Ciechanowski
City/State :   Oxnard, CA
Comments :   Growing up in Pgh, I always looked forward to staying up alone on Saturday night to watch Chiller Theater. I miss it still! My mom, Flo, eventually became a friend of Mrs. Cardille.
Name :   Kevin Olzak
City/State :   Youngstown,Ohio
Comments :   I was born in 1964 but remember viewing CHILLER THEATER even as a toddler.Between the Saturday night double feature(and all the beloved Universal classics)and the Steelers winning 4 Super Bowls during the 70s,it was truly an unforgettable era for the city
Name :   Dale Felger
City/State :   Tucson AZ
Comments :   WOW i miss this how! i grew up in Ohio, south of Youngstown & watched Chiller Theatre every sat night! Just hearing the opening music brought back lots of memories!
Name :   Kerry shaffer
City/State :   Pitcairn pa.
Comments :   Watched ur show all the time. Wish it was back on the air. Chilly billy you are the man
Name :   Bob Norman, Jr.
City/State :   Hibbs, PA
Comments :   I grew up watching Chilly Bill and Studio Wrestling. You are such a big part of so many lives tha just my hearing the theme music gave me chills. We love you Chilly Billy!
Name :   John
City/State :   Pittsburgh
Comments :   I moved back to Pittsburgh this year. I left in 1972. Some of the best memories was staying up late to watch Bill on Chiller Theater. Also a thrill was seeing Bill hosting at a Monroeville theater for a show of horror movies. Every Saturday had to watch s
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