Name :   Doug Steiner
City/State :   Tucson, az.
Comments :   This brings back many GREAT memories. Nothing better than watching Chiller Theater and eating pizza. Couldnt do that now. Thanks for the memories Bill!!
Name :   Bob Boyle
City/State :   Irwin, pa
Comments :   thanks for all the great memories and scary saturday nights. Had to wait till my parents went to bed and then sneek down to the tv set.
Name :   Malcolm Gittins
City/State :   Pgh,Pa
Comments :   I just wanted to publicly thank Chilly Billy for all the support he has given me & my art!
Name :   sphinxrising58
City/State :   Ohio.
Comments :   Having grown up watching Chiller Theater, its almost like I actually know Chilly Billy, & wish they would remake the show with Chilly Billy as its host once again. Thanks for all the good times Bill, heres wishing you 50 more good years:)
Name :   john snyder
City/State :   perkasie, pa
Comments :   As a kid in the 70s I sent you a letter about one of your movies and stayed up all night that saturday night just to hear my name. Youre the best.
Name :   ONeill
City/State :   Whittier, CA
Comments :   Wow, this takes me back to wonderful memories of my youth in Pgh. The show was so unsophisticated yet totally entertaining. Thx CB
Name :   Steve Petrulo
City/State :   Port Charlotte Fl
Comments :   Hi Bill, you wont remember me but I was the mail boy and messenger at WIIC in 1965 and I sat around off stage for many recordings. How bout come Alive and Bowling for Dollars Best Wishes Steve
Name :   karen
City/State :   reno ne.
Comments :   I will never forget chilly billy I DON,T NO IF I EVER MADE IT THROUGH A MOVIE
Name :   Dan Caugherty
City/State :   Raleigh, NC
Comments :   Too many good memories, of staying up way too late. Thx for all of them! (Did SCTV cast member and native Pgh-er Joe Flaherty ever say if CT was or wasnt his inspiration for Count Floyd?)
Name :   Carol
City/State :   Newport News, VA
Comments :   Thank you for all the wonderful memories! I was 7yrs old when I started watching your show with my brothers and to this day Im a big fan of the old horror movies. Thanks so much!!!
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