Name :   pammie
City/State :   baden, pa
Comments :   Chiller Theatre! What a memory..late night with my sister and scared to death. The music still reminds me..thanks for the great memories!
Name :   Marylee
City/State :   Oil City, PA
Comments :   this was a MUST in our house hold! Usually ended up with kids all over the living room from the neighborhood - thanks for so many memories
Name :   Nancy
City/State :   Los Angeles
Comments :   Oh the scary nights curled up in a big chair at home in Oakland. Memories Ill never forget, Thank you Chilly Billy. Hugs,
Name :   Jim Matysiak
City/State :   Martins Ferry
Comments :   Love this !
Name :   howard
City/State :   allison park, pa
Comments :   Youre a legend in Pittsburgh TV. I miss Chiller Theater. God Bless
Name :   Eric Olayos
City/State :   Chicago, IL (Port Vue, PA)
Comments :   My friends, Bob Popp and his older brother Andy, and I would buy pizza from Mackos Pizza in Port Vue and watch Chiller every Saturday nite. Memories of those years are brought vividly to mind with Chilly Billy and this web site. Thanx.
Name :   Nancy
City/State :   McKeesport
Comments :   Thanks for all the Sha Na Na tickets I won on Saturday nites! Miss all those great movies, too.
Name :   Tina Lehosky
City/State :   East McKeesport, PA
Comments :   I miss Chilly Billy theater sooo much. It was the highlite of my whole week as a child growing up in the 70s. Are there any syndications? or vhs to buy?
Name :   Martha
City/State :   Titusville
Comments :   Chiller Theater is one of the most memorable memories I have living in Pittsburgh. Once our band, The Underdogs, were playing at Allegheny Mall for the Jerry Louis Telethon. We climbed the hill and banged on the door and Bill Cardille let us in. Something
Name :   Norm Borczon
City/State :   Harrisburg, PA
Comments :   Your show filled in empty hours for late Saturday night railroaders laying over in Conway at the YMCA. Thanks for all those years of fun and diversions!
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